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Creating Sublime Coffee at Home

Inhale the aroma! Aaaahhh…. there’s simply nothing like it.

Wonderful coffee starts with meticulously selected, blended and roasted coffee beans. And at Coffee MIO that’s our secret weapon. Coffee MIO connoisseurs taste the results of Frank Berra and Edmund Maier’s expertise. Frank and Edmund are the ONLY Australian coffee company owners who are fully endorsed and qualified by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC). That’s the peak Italian body that owns the patent for real Italian Espresso Coffee. That’s really special.

At Coffee MIO we don’t sit in our offices, ordering our coffee from the web! Not for a minute! We travel to every coffee-growing country in the world, sniffing out the most exotic coffees, and constantly learning so we stay among the world’s most skilled roasters and blenders. That’s why people who KNOW, choose Coffee MIO. It’s the coffee for coffee lovers, created by coffee lovers.

That’s just the beginning of a wonderful cup of coffee. We’d now like to share our secrets for creating delectable coffee at home or at your workplace, so that throughout your busy days, you can enjoy the BEST – Coffee MIO – blended and brewed to perfection.


Coffee Making Terminology

A very short or ‘restricted’ pour. The amount of coffee is reduced to 20ml producing a denser espresso. A black coffee served in a small glass or cup approximately 2/3 full.
An espresso or short black coffee poured over a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. One third coffee to two thirds hot frothed milk served in a cup and can be sprinkled with chocolate.
An espresso or short black coffee which has a small quantity of hot or cold milk added One third espresso coffee with hot milk added, topped with a foamy layer of milk normally served in a glass.
A double serving of black coffee, filling 2/3 of a regular sized cup or glass. One third espresso coffee to two thirds hot milk (no froth) served in a cup.


Coffee MIO. Adding finesse to one of life's more refined pleasures.

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