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    The aroma of coffee. Friends, sipping espressos, chatting in a street café in Rome or Paris. You find yourself sitting back, relaxing - just daydreaming about it.

    That's what Mario and Franco Berra knew. But when Mario and Franco, founders of Coffee MIO, came to Australia from Italy in the fifties, there was almost nowhere to buy great coffee, and very few cafés who knew how to create it either. Australia’s thriving café society was still a dream.

    So they decided to bring fabulous coffee to their new home. To the delight of people who loved real coffee, Coffee MIO began in Melbourne.

    These days, Coffee MIO is a leading brand in Australia and overseas. The business of coffee is all we do, and we do it superbly. Today, Edmund Maier along with Mario’s son Frank, daughter Lorraine and grandson Steve are all involved in the management of the business. The company has the very latest technology to run its roasting and packaging equipment, and smart systems that ensure customers with large and small businesses can buy the top quality coffee beans, coffee machines and coffee products they want, when they want them. We also have a thriving home-user clientele, who love to buy their coffee from the experts.

    We still have the family values and passion for coffee and service that Mario and Franco Berra had when they founded the business almost 50 years ago. You’ll know you’re welcome when you buy your coffee and supplies from Coffee MIO. It’s YOUR coffee.