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    Thanks for visiting Coffee MIO.
    Coffee for cafés, retailers and home. Coffee machines. Coffee Supplies & Service.

    You've seen our name. Coffee MIO. You've tasted our coffee.

    We're leading Australian importers, roasters, wholesalers and retailers of premium coffee beans, sourced from around the world. Right here at Coffee Mio you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to create wonderful coffee for your café, retail store or at home. Coffee, coffee machines, coffee supplies, repair services – it’s all available from Coffee MIO.

    Our specialty is our rich Italian coffee; that’s where we began, almost 50 years ago. Today, you’ll be spoiled for choice from our range of Single Origin and blended coffees. What’s extra special about Coffee MIO is our talent for blending the best coffee beans to create flavours that delight.

    Order online for fast delivery, give us a call on 03 9484 0776, or visit our aromatic Thornbury store/factory/warehouse. You’ll be welcomed by our friendly, professional staff.