A little freshen up on the history and tools you will need before we get started...

The Aeropress was created by Alan who was studying the brewing process with a simple goal in mind: brew a superior cup of coffee. The AeroPress Original debuted in 2005 The AeroPress gives you, first of all, a great coffee as an end result. There are no ideal recipes or perfect ratios, no best timing or optimal grinding. The AeroPress is so simple that it does not really restrict you in any way – and the outcomes can be diverse.

The AeroPress works like a syringe. It has a main tube, an open
cylinder, into which you insert the plunger  ending in a rubber seal,
thus closing the brew chamber from one side. Now all you need to do is
place the AeroPress on the plunger, pour in ground coffee, add hot
water, stir and then turn thencap with the rinsed paper filter around.
After a while, invert the device and press the coffee into the mug.

It's one of our favourites because if it's simplicity and always comes with us when we travel, we just love it!

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Aeropress coffee brewer
Aeropress filter papers
Scales and timer
A cup (or jug) to brew into Aeropress Recipe

15g coffee (roasted for filter)
200g water
Total brew time: 2 minutes
Grind size: medium (a little finer than a pour over grind and a little coarser than espresso grind.)

Now for the fun part:

Bring at least 1/2 litre of fresh water to the boil. While waiting for the water to boil, place the filter paper in the filter holder and attach it to the bottom of the Aeropress chamber.

Place the Aeropress on top of your cup or jug, and rinse with hot water, discarding the water from the cup once it’s filtered through. This heats up your Aeropress and cup, and rinses the paper at the same time.Pour the ground coffee into the bottom of the Aeropress chamber.

Place the set-up, with the cup beneath, on your scales and tare to zero.

Add 200g of boiling water to the ground coffee and start your timer. Carefully place the plunger part in the top of the Aeropress. (This will create some suction and will stop the coffee dripping through the filter.)

After 1 minute, carefully remove the plunger and give the brew a good stir. Replace the top part of the plunger and let it brew for another minute. Gently and slowly press the plunger down until the coffee brew is completely pushed through the paper filter. Give the brew a stir, and then enjoy!

To clean the Aeropress after use, turn it so the filter is facing up and remove the plastic filter holder. Slowly press the coffee grounds and paper filter into the bin or compost.


What is the brew ratio? And how do i calculate it?

All of our Coffee MIO blends and single origins that are roasted for filter have their own specific brew ratio.

The brew ratio refers to the ratio, by weight, between water and coffee and is the core of the brewing process.

This 'Brew Ratio' is used to extract the optimum flavour, sweetness and aromatics from the coffee.

For example:

A brew ratio of 1:15 means that for every 1 gram of coffee you would add 15ml of water.

So if you were brewing coffee for one person you would add

15grams of your favourite Coffee MIO filter coffee with 225ml of water.

My aeropress is very difficult to press down.

If your coffee is extracting to slowly and you are finding it quite difficult to depress the Aeropress it is more than likely is due to the fact the grind is too fine.

To solve this simple make the coffee a little coarser, you should aiming to finish your total brewing process in around 2 minuets.

My coffee is extracting too fast into my cup.

If brewing your coffee is taking too long, sounds like you need to make your coffee a little coarser. The brewing time should take around 2 minutes in total from start to finish.

How do i store my coffee?

How to prolong my lifespan?

Show me a little bit of love to keep your coffees tasting banging.

Consider …

Storing me in an airtight container, something like these sexy ones:

Put me somewhere away from harsh light, extreme temperatures and moisture

(read: NO fridges. Definitely NO freezers.)

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