The Toddy Cold Brew System is not only pure perfection when it comes
to creating the best cold brew, but it is also simple to use.

We have put together some easy-to-follow Toddy Cold Brew Instructions!

First, make sure that you have all pieces of your Toddy Cold Brew System on hand.

Stirring paddle
Set of scales
Toddy cold brew system (Which includes the following:)
Glass Decanter & lid
Brewing Handle
Toddy Filter
Rubber Stopper

Time to choose your favorite Coffee MIO coffee. At the moment our go to is the
Colombia Finca La Perla Del Otun
. It's absolutely banging!!!

Now for the grind. The coffee should be coarse (slightly coarser than french press).

Since the Toddy Cold Brew System is designed to hold 250 grams of coffee and 2.5L of water (a brew ratio of 1:10), grind accordingly and then measure out your cold water.

From the outside of the brewing container, insert the stopper into the bottom. Wet the filter and place it in the bottom of the brewing container. Add 1 liter of water into the bottom of your Toddy Cold Brew container, and then add half (125g) of the ground coffee to the mix, agitating and stirring the coffee as it is added.

Slowly pour 1 liter of water over the grounds and make sure that allof the coffee grounds are saturated evenly.

Add the remaining 125g coffee grounds and wait five minutes
before pouring the remaining 500ml of water on top.


Use the spoon to gently pack down on the top grounds to make sure that they are saturated as well.

For a perfect cold brew with the Toddy Cold Brew System, let the coffee grounds steep for a minimum of 12 hours.

Remove the stopper from the bottom and let your cold brew flow into the glass decanter.

Storing your cold brew is simple – refrigerate it and it will stay fresh for two weeks!

BOOM! You've just smashed out a bath of cold brew NICE JOB!

To finish things off simple fill a glass with ice and add your fresh batch of Coffee MIO coffee to it.



What is the brew ratio? And how do i calculate it?

All of our Coffee MIO blends and single origins that are roasted for filter have their own specific brew ratio.

The brew ratio refers to the ratio, by weight, between water and coffee and is the core of the brewing process.

This 'Brew Ratio' is used to extract the optimum flavour, sweetness and aromatics from the coffee.

For example:

A brew ratio of 1:15 means that for every 1 gram of coffee you would add 15ml of water.

So if you were brewing coffee for one person you would add

15grams of your favourite Coffee MIO filter coffee with 225ml of water.

My coffee is extracting too fast.

If brewing your coffee is taking too long, sounds like you need to make your coffee a little coarser. The brewing time should take around 3 minutes in total from start to finish.

My coffee is extracting to slowly.

If your coffee is extracting to slowly it more than likely is due to the fact the grind is too fine. Another tell tale sign is the the left over coffee in your paper filter is quite wet and sloppy.

To solve this simple make the coffee a little coarser, you should aiming to finish your total brewing process in around 3 minuets.

How do i store my coffee?

How to prolong my lifespan?

Show me a little bit of love to keep your coffees tasting banging.

Consider …

Storing me in an airtight container, something like these sexy ones:

Put me somewhere away from harsh light, extreme temperatures and moisture

(read: NO fridges. Definitely NO freezers.)

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